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##user.biography## Particularly bad for the skin image are their own human sins: unhealthy eating and consuming (weaker) drugs. It has been shown that people who prefer to eat low-fat and low-nutrient fast foods and finished products show a significantly poorer skin. Also seborrheic dermatitis cause hair loss, deep-red meat should not be consumed in large quantities, it is generally less good for humans. Also milk products are in exaggerated high consumption not good for the skin image.

Too much sugar, such as sweets, should always be avoided in favor of your own skin! Even an increased coffee consumption is damaging: Caffeine can also have an invigorating effect on the skin. In high quantities, however, the skin is dried up and more noticeable for skin diseases. Similarly, it is of course also with high alcohol consumption! Instead of coffee and black tea you should prefer green tea for a beautiful skin. And: smokers have been proven not only earlier, they also suffer from a significantly worse skin image!

Disclaimer - At a glance:

    Avoid unhealthy food like fast food
    red meat / dairy products / sweets
    Reduce or adjust coffee and alcohol consumption
    Stop smoking

Better skin image through better care!

If one wants to use skin care products for the improvement of the skin image,  seborrheic keratosis removal at home first the individual skin type has to be clarified: does one have a greasy, rather dry or still mixed skin? Accordingly, the products to be used are to be tuned.

Sometimes it can be enough, however, if the skin is regularly washed with warm water and then decay with cold water. This is how the skin pores open and close. Also by visiting a sauna, the skin pores can clean themselves properly: the heat opens the pores, all pollutants can be swept out. Afterwards the skin surface should be cleaned.

When care products are used, care should be taken to ensure that skin creams and lotions used are skin-compatible by using water instead of oil. Simple home remedies, such as a mask of oat flakes, can also have a wonderful effect! seborrheic dermatitis cause hair loss Our practical tips are also not to be despised: In many cases, it would be enough if you do not touch your face too often with fingers. After all, there are many bacteria and lots of dirt in everyday life.

##journal.issn##: 1337-0960