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##user.biography## Especially bad is already existing skin inflammations like pimples express themselves. The inflamed sebum can spread under the surface of the skin and best seborrheic dermatitis shampoo cause more harm at a later stage due to the pressure on the skin. In addition, not infrequent skin scars are created!

Better care - At a glance!

    For the care products clear the skin types
    Wash the skin warm and cold
    Sauna for a healthy skin
    Care products on water instead of oil
    Use household remedies such as masks made of oatmeal
    Do not touch the face constantly with fingers
    Do not express skin infections such as pimples

The best products for a better skin condition. Ultimately, there are also some products that actively help you get a better skin condition. Here we would like to introduce some great: More and more people are reading dermatitis natural treatment that acne is positively influenced by the right diet. Why the Paleo diet is the right choice to eliminate the disturbing skin lesions you will find in this article.

Acne is a civilization disease

In addition to an increased sebum production (seborrhoea), accompanied by a keratinization disorder of the sebaceous glands (hyperkeratosis), as well as a multiplication of bacteria, inflammatory processes play an important role in the development of acne. The Paleo diet can be a great help here to get the handle!

Thus, acne can be counted among the so-called civilization diseases. What does that mean? Civilization diseases are a collective term for functional and organic health disorders and disease states, which trigger different influences of civilization on humans. These influences include, among others, living conditions, nutrition, hygiene, working and living habits and social aspects.

These are, therefore, health problems that occur exclusively in our technologically advanced and modernized world. Cardiovascular diseases, metabolic diseases of obesity, cancer, diseases of the movement apparatus and mental disorders are counted among these diseases. But also allergies, myopia and skin diseases such as acne count.

Many things are discussed today as causes. Evidence of lack of exercise, malnutrition, chronic stress, chronic inflammatory heart disease, environmental pollution, and risk factors such as smoking and alcohol consumption are proven.

Problems of "modern" nutrition

Large problems of today's diet, which can only be torn at this point, are an unbalanced ratio of macronutrients (carbohydrates, fats and proteins) as well as a lack of micronutrients (vitamins, minerals, trace elements and secondary plants) seborrheic dermatitis natural cure. Through this imbalance, our organism becomes confused. There are changes in metabolic reactions and inflammation in the body. Our body can compensate for certain shortcomings over a very long period of time. However not always without disturbing companionship. A skin problem is disturbing, but it does not directly threaten our health. Acne arises because the body may have to compensate for a deficiency.

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